Welcome to XiFrame.com. XiFrame builds Modern, Attractive, Powerful and extremely Affordable tools that will allow you to make the most from your investment in IBM System/z Mainframe.

IBM System z and z/OS sales continue to be strong with much of the worlds core, high-volume transaction processing still managed on z/OS, CICS and DB/2 environments. The supply of software and tools for the Mainframe and z/OS environment is dominated by a small number of major players. Here at XiFrame technologies we reject the notion that all things Mainframe are complex and expensive.

Why XiFrame?

At XiFrame, we have been working and growing with the IBM Mainframe environment for almost 30 years. We understand the challenges facing developers, operators and users of IBM mainframe environments better than anyone.

Why IBM System/z?

In our day-to-day lives, IBM System z and z/OS are the most important platform and operating systems there are. IBM System z runs your bank accounts, your credit cards, your 401K insurance, your airlines, etc. System z and z/OS will continue to pervade enterprise computing for generations to come.

XiFrame XMI Explorer

New Free XMI Explorer Utility is Available Now!

Need to explore your Mainframe XMIT files on your desktop? Then download a copy of XiFrame XMI Explorer by XiFrame. XiFrame has created this useful utility and donated it for use - Free of Charge - to the IBM Mainframe community. XiFrame XMI Explorer allows you to browse and extract XMI file contents directly on your Windows desktop without needing to upload the file to z/OS and unpack. XiFrame XMI Explorer is content sensitive and can recognize embedded ZIP, PDF and even other XMI files.

XiInfo for Windows

XiInfo for Windows

Download the very useful free tool to learn stuff about your windows installation.

Coming Soon

Xi3270 Emulator for Windows

Coming Soon! The world's best value and most functional TN3270 emulator for Windows.